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The company SPE “Neftesintez-M” LLC is a designer and manufacturer of series of liquid catalyst THIONOL.

The catalyst THIONOL is used in further process:

  • Hydrogen Sulfide Removal From Water;
  • Hydrogen Sulfide Removal From Crude Oil And Oil Products;
  • Methyl Ethyl Mercaptan Removal From Crude Oil And Oil Products;
  • Kerosene Sweetening;
  • Desulfurization Of Middle Distillates;
  • LPG Desulfurization;
  • Copper Corrosion Improvement In Distillates.
  • Catalyst is nontoxic, nonflammable and noncorrosive;
  • Catalyst doesn’t have a negative impact on characteristics of treated fuel;
  • Reduction of hydrogen sulfide and mercaptan content is provided by direct conversion into less noxious


  • THIONOL is appeared as a water- soluble liquid additive;
  • Catalyst doesn’t contain highly toxic compounds;
  • sulfides;
  • Using THIONOL catalyst causes an irreversible conversion of hydrogen sulfide and mercaptans;
  • Consumption of the catalyst depends on content of other acidic species (phenols, naphthenic acids) in crude and conditions of process - contact time of the catalyst with oil and temperature;
  • Average consumption of THIONOL is 1 - 3 ppm of catalyst per 1 ppm of active sulfur depending on treatment conditions (temperature, contact time, use of air to support oxidation).