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Methyl Ethyl Mercaptan Removal From Crude Oil And Oil Products

The need for purification of hydrocarbons from light mercaptans (С2H5SH and CH3SH) due to the requirement for compliance with GOST.

To remove the methyl ethyl mercaptans most widespread different versions the alkaline treatment, in which the formation of large amounts of difficult to dispose of highly toxic sulfur-alkaline waste.

Such wastes are chemically contaminated and at relatively low volumes are high concentrations of toxic substances. The toxicity of such waste does not allow their discharge to water courses or onto the ground even after significant processing.

Existing methods neutralize such wastes require high energy costs and environmentally safe. Therefore, in practice, the most common way of "recycling" Sulfur-alkaline waste is underground burial, which does not solve the problem: toxic waste accumulated, wastes contaminate groundwater and end up fall in the water supply system. Aquatic ecosystems, the nature and the health of the population to bear the irreparable harm, it is impossible to assess.

Disadvantages of alkaline demercaptanization:

  1. Formation sulfur-alkaline waste;
  2. The high level of losses of oil, because when the supply of air to the hydrocarbon blown a significant amount of valuable propane-butane and gasoline fractions, which increases the density of oil and thus reduces the sale price;
  3. The high level of capital expenditures;
  4. For a long period of reaching the project indicators;

SPE "NefteSintez" LLC
offers liquid-phase’s catalyst (reagent) THIONOL
жидкофазный for removal of hydrogen sulfide and light mercaptans.

The decrease in the content of active sulfur occurs directly in the environment of the hydrocarbon by direct catalytic conversion of mercaptans RSH and hydrogen sulfide H2S in disulfides.

The catalyst THIONOL
Method of administration dosage in the flow of oil
Consumption (catalist ppm / ppm mercaptan) 1/1
Hazardous ingredients no
Air emissions no
Deposits in the pipes no

The catalyst THIONOL

The advantages of the catalyst THIONOL towards alkaline demercaptanization: