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Hydrogen Sulfide Removal From Water

Hydrogen Sulfide Scavenger THIONOL S W101 For Water Treatment
(Bactericide - inhibitor sulfide reproduction bacteria scavenger)

The high content of solid particles (iron sulfide) causes various problems in well, including malfunction of pumps due to hard sulphide deposits. Traditionally, in situ field methods of removing deposits of iron sulfides include hydrochloric acid treatment and various chelating agents, but often they are not effective do not provide long effect. Because of good wettability in oil iron sulfide particles accumulate at the interface "oil-water", which leads to malfunction of separator and adversely affects on quality of water after the separator.

Usually those waters, which are added to subterranean waters, contain a lot of iron and consequently iron sulfide slurry with characteristic black color is formed upon admixing. With long-term injection of this mixture in the bottom zone of oil reservoir productivity rate prematurely drops due to accumulation of iron sulfide in the capillaries and pores of the productive zone.

All the most effective chelating agent for binding iron are normally used in a ratio of 15: 1, which makes the procedure extremely expensive.

The alternative is complete elimination of hydrogen sulfide from the water completely. Formaldehyde based scavengers are used in the ratio of 10: 1. Acrolein is used in a ratio of 4: 1. However, acrolein is too expensive (about $ 15,000 per ton), and is highly toxic (special requirements for transportation and storage, the highest hazard class). Aldehydes form insoluble products of reactions, which are thermally unstable and decompose with H2S release.

Problems of oil recovery, increase in trouble free time of operation, reducing the cost of demulsifiers and corrosion inhibitors, all of these can be achieved with the use of hydrogen sulfide scavenger - bactericide sulfide reproduction bacteria THIONOL S W101.

THIONOL S W101 effectively removes from subterranean waters hydrogen sulfide and thus:

THIONOL S W101 consumption is very low and is about 1: 1. THIONOL S W101 does not contain heavy metals can be used at any pH. Soluble in water and in oil. The reaction products are water-soluble sulphates. Non-corrosive. It does not require special storage conditions and safety. Hazard Class 3.